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Name is tooch (nickname)

25 years old

Straight edge

Self respect


Everything 1950's

Elvis obsessed

Bag pipes and kilts

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The black in my hair is pretty much faded.

Do I want to dye it black again or go with something different.

Hmm decisions.

Don’t know don’t care.

Anonymous Asked:
How did you lose weight? You look amazing!

My answer:

Thanks! Not going to lie. At first I went threw a depression over a break up (how silly) and I just couldn’t eat but after I saw how much weight I lost I was scared to gain it back so I totally cut soda and fast food out of ny diet. Except on fridays that was my cheat day. And I worked out alittle bit at home but that is about it.


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Divine - John Waters’ “This Filthy World”

I love my nephew

So annoying.

I sometimes wonder what other people see when they look at me.

I’m not happy and I haven’t been for a while.
Something needs to change.


Buddy Miller and his ‘51 Pan head Greasy Dozen build ~8/9/2014

Matthew J. Aims


The Age of Adolescence.

Chicago, 1959-64 © Joseph Sterling

There is about a 4 year difference between these pictures.