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Name is tooch (nickname)

25 years old

Straight edge

Self respect


Everything 1950's

Elvis obsessed

Bag pipes and kilts

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"And no one said it was gonna be easy
And I’m not afraid to try
And with the odds stacked up against me, I will have to fight.”


Follow this blog for more hot rods and kustoms


Follow this blog for more hot rods and kustoms

No more black hair.

I have decided I will be going lighter with my hair in like maybe another month.
I need a change.


Body positive.

Reblogging myself because why not.

In this past year I managed to get an awesome job, my license, a car and an apartment by myself.
But I am still not happy, something is missing . I thought I would be happy but I’m not.
Something is weighing me down and it’s annoying.

Got this awesome thing at a flea market for 2 bucks.
It was printed in 1977.
My Elvis collection keeps growing.

Should I continue with black hair or try something different.. hmm.

New stickers on the jeep


James Dean and Sammy Davis, Jr., 1955

Photo by Darlene Hammond




Because laying on the floor is comfortable

76 notes huh. Why thanks :)

I have decided I am going to start reading a lot more. Mainly books about killers/convicted killers.
My collection has started off with life after death the next one i want is the iceman: confessions of a contract killer.