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Name is tooch (nickname)

25 years old

Straight edge

Self respect


Everything 1950's

Elvis obsessed

Bag pipes and kilts

Instagram : xtooch89x

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Can I just lay here forever

Don’t know don’t care.

Being 25 and never smoking,drinking, or doing drugs is one of the few things I take pride in. Happy edge day to all my fellow straight edge friends!

Working at an elementary school has its perks. Like having days off whenever the kids do.

With that being said, back to work tomorrow.

Tried something different with my hair.


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"i feel like shit today"

me every single fucking day (via indieminduk)



A forearm dagger for David.

I think I want to go lighter with my hair.
I kind of want to try and be a darker blond because I have never been blond but I am not to sure how it would look

acthepoet Asked:
Nice hair :)

My answer:

Thanks! :)